Welcome To Artistic Heart Productions.

We’re going to share with you in a brief bio, some info about our company.

Artistic Heart was started in the 1980’s originally as Artistic Heart Music (BMI) and gradually grew into Artistic Heart Productions which now includes a print division – books, articles, essays etc… a music department – cds, some vinyl, a cards division,which will include the WOW WOW cards and several other card lines to be introduced later, and a creative performance department that will create and produce unique, inspiring and superbly entertaining live shows and concerts, plus Videos and DVDs etc.

From time to time AHP will focus on the creative artist, who possess the creative energy, that produce the creative products that keep this company (AHP) Artistic Heart Productions blowing up soon to become a major player in the overall uplifting side of the entertainment industry from the founder to each and every member of our staff.

We realize our most important product is caring, we truly care and we’ve learned caring comes from love and love promotes giving… and that is our objective to give you the very best products possible for the time… each and every time we bring a new product to market. Because you our clients, our audiences, our fans, our supporting public are the ones who keep pushing us on forward and upwardly.

And for that we are grateful. We wish for you success in Love and Life and the best of blessings always