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by Otis O’Solomon
The Master Poet

with a Special

Poetic Tribute To Ray Charles
(In the form of a Poetic Biography)

… a must have CD for Ray Charles fans and Poetry Lovers and Blues Lovers and Music Lovers and Lovers of Words with vibrations of feeling and healing.

Words that speak life to death’s thoughts
success to failure thoughts
Joy to painful thoughts
and Love to all thoughts.

Words that make you think
and words that make you FEEL
Words that most times make you feel good

An Eclectic Mix Of Poetic Hues

Saying Of The Month

What Would This World Be Without Mothers
Mothers Are Precious And Special
(Most Always Going Above And Beyond
To Enhance The Good Of Motherhood)

Without Mothers
there would be no Fathers
no sisters or brothers or any other
human beings on this earthly scene _
Living Life working to manifest dreams.
And so…
I say to all of my sisters and brothers
regardless of Faith, Age, Sex or Color
be kind, be thoughtful, love your mother
whether you disown her, or hold her dear
Without your mother…
You Wouldn’t Be Here _

According to Biblical History
The Holy Book of Divine Spiritual Mystery
If you have Faith and you Believe
there’s only been two people Adam and Eve
to arrive on this planet earth
without a mother to give them birth
Although your past may have been easy or hard
still, be grateful, smile within and say “Thank You God
for my mom… my mama _ my mother
BLESS HER… for letting me live
and make my entrance
on this planet earth
For doing her best after I arrived
to nurture me and keep me alive _”

I Love You Ma _

© Otis O’Solomon

An Open Letter To Mama
(A Sweetheart Card)
Dear Mama

While sitting here sunning_
seriousness embracing my face…
smiles roaming through my heart, got me thinking
creativity intoxicating my mind, spontaneity cruising up my spine
Fingers on right hand, drumming to a midtempo Jazz tune
On this lovely, sacred Sunday afternoon
as I lounge, enjoying a soothing springtime breeze
when the breeze became strong wind and shifted the sails of my mind
Then shifted, slowly back to breeze… relieved
I dove into the depths of Golden Memories
there I dwelled _ for quite a spell
as I watched your yesteryear… today
you _ doing your thing _ your way
cooking… happy _ having your say
“This is my kitchen _ I’m boss here”
As I watched you _ mother dear
the love in my heart overflowed, crawled, creeped
crowded into my eyes _ before I realized… and
turned into tiny, tactful, thankful, teardrops
and ran uncontrollably
down my face _
As if each was in a marathon…
each tear racing to be the first _ one
to say I care
because I love you… mama
But never acknowledged how profound you were
until I started missing you and things you used to do
yes I miss you tremendously _
still, I pray… and Softly _ Sadly say
and mama… mama please
take good care
of your wings _
they’ve got to last an eternity


Your Child

PS mama I bought this card to you
for me _ hope you like it…

© Otis O’Solomon